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I want to start off with saying great video above and the information is very thorough. I will be following your advice and guidance to get my new business going. I am very new to the Network Marketing industry but have been introduced to a new Tech Company (called VIV) that has a phenomenal, once in a lifetime opportunity to get into their Founders Circle. I would really like your input on what you think, the link to the video that explains the founders circle is shareviv.com.
Our training: We offer live dials training calls weekly. We actually call our own leads and prospect like were a distributor looking for new reps. We usually have hundreds of people on our conference call,  they are muted and are able to listen as we discuss the various options with the prospect. Every one of these calls are slightly different and after every time there is a call made we do an analysis of the response and break down the elements of the call. This is what training is about!  Imagine listening to this live this is not theory but it’s real training. The best of all, these calls are absolutely free to our customers and our future customers.

Where can I buy business opportunity leads? That is a question I get all the time from my team and from other people wanting to have success in network marketing. I strongly encourage learning online attraction marketing but the fact of the matter is, it takes time. This article will help you with understanding what to know before you consider buying business opportunity leads.
Home based business opportunity seekers need to be creative when it comes to building up large numbers of cheap MLM leads. You do not want to overinvest as you start out with your small company, yet you want to spend enough so that you can actually get the business off the ground and start profiting. There will be some kind of investment required, you just have to do a little work to decide how much you can afford, and what the best methods are going to be for you to get your large list of cheap MLM leads. Once you get the leads, those leads can then generate their own leads, which will help your MLM downline grow quickly. The right leads will be very helpful to your business, which is why it is so important to get started in the right direction right away, without wasting too much time.

One of the biggest questions faced by those home based business opportunity seekers looking to build up their MLM downline is whether or not they should buy cheap MLM leads. Is this a good way to find potential MLM leads? The answer is not entirely clear, since it depends on a few different things. One thing that matters is the list broker who you purchase the cheap MLM leads from. Is the broker reputable and trustworthy? This is important, because buying any leads, no matter how cheap they might be, is still an investment. When you buy from an unethical broker, you are wasting your money, regardless of the amount. And, what home based business opportunity seeker is looking to waste their money? That answer is clear, none.
The ultimate way to do this is "bring value to the marketplace". I have learned and realized that how we do business these days is all about relationship building! All the great leaders and the self-made millionaires/billionaires, they taught us only one amazing thing that really works! ---- "be a person of value and a person of service!". Create value. Bring value to the marketplace. Provide solutions to peoples' problem... be out there helping as many people as you can! And believe me, leads and money will naturally come. And one more thing --- by doing this, you will gave fun building your business! Think about that!